Friday, March 22, 2013

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Blue Movie (1969), a.k.a. Fuck, is a film by Andy Warhol starring Viva and Louis Waldon.
Warhol describes the film, "in October '68 I shot a movie of Viva having sex with Louis Waldon. I called it just Fuck." While it is true that the movie does involve sexual intercourse, this is framed by dialog about the Vietnam War and various mundane tasks.

Directed by Andy Warhol
Produced by Andy Warhol


Producer/director/cinematographer Andy Warhol presents an afternoon in a Manhattan apartment where Viva and Louis discuss social issues while lying in bed. Louis makes sexual advances and Viva giggles; they indulge in sexual foreplay and then intercourse. They talk about the Vietnam War, watch television, get dressed, eat, discuss Louis's unhappy marriage, and finally take a shower, more and more aware of the presence of a camera. After more sex play in and out of the shower, Viva stares at the camera and asks, "Is it on?" Written by alfiehitchie



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